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My name is Illapa Sairitupac.

[ee·YA·pa sigh·ree·TOO·pak]

I’m a social worker, climate organizer, and the proud son of Indigenous Peruvian immigrants.

Lower Manhattan is my home, and I love our neighborhoods and communities. I’m running to make our district a better place for working people and our families.

Like many of our neighbors, I work hard to make ends meet. But between spiraling rents, skyrocketing utility bills, out-of-pocket medical costs, and student debt, I sometimes struggle to pay the bills each month. Lower Manhattan is becoming unaffordable for anyone but the wealthy. Everyday New Yorkers are working longer hours for lower wages while luxury towers fly up and local businesses shut down.

It doesn’t have to be this way. From the street stalls of Chinatown to the bodegas of the Lower East Side, our city was built by the sweat and labor of working people, and our district has a proud tradition of workers and families fighting for a better life. That’s the New York I’m fighting for, and that’s why I’m running to represent us in Albany.

New York is Ours.

Our neighborhoods have welcomed working-class immigrants from all over the world to New York City, but now they’re in serious danger. I’m running because Chinatown and the LES need a champion in Albany to help working people take power back, fight for issues like a Green New Deal, housing and healthcare for all, and a union for every worker — because New York is ours.

Our climate is changing, and working people are already bearing the brunt of the disasters. Instead of confronting the crisis, Albany has gone more than two years without climate action, all while accepting “donations” from the fossil fuel industry. I’m running because as a climate organizer, I know we cannot wait. In Albany, I’ll make climate a top priority by fighting to build wind and solar through legislation like the Build Public Renewables Act; expand fare-free public transportation; green our housing; and ultimately fight for a just and sustainable future for all New Yorkers.

I firmly believe that healthcare is a human right. Every New Yorker should receive the care they need without being subject to the whims of companies seeking to profit off a broken system, regardless of their place of employment, immigration status, or size of their bank account. In Albany, I’ll fight to champion and pass the New York Health Act and single-payer healthcare; fully fund our hospitals; abolish medical debt; and expand access to healthcare and mental health services at every step.

As a renter in lower Manhattan for nearly a decade, I’ve seen my neighbors, patients, and friends struggle with displacement, crumbling public housing, and a looming eviction crisis, all while landlords and developers squeeze our communities for profit. In Albany, I’ll champion Good Cause Eviction to protect tenants from rent hikes and guarantee their right to remain in their home; tax the rich to repair and beautify our district’s public housing; and win the tools to create hundreds of thousands of units of social housing.

Labor built this city, and New York is a union town still. Across lower Manhattan, however, workers are exploited, underpaid, and forced to work around the clock just to eke out a living – especially immigrants. As your representative, I will extend labor rights to every worker, regardless of immigration status or industry; require prevailing wages and union labor on any project that receives state aid; discipline employers for wage theft and unfair or illegal practices; and fight for a Green New Deal that brings thousands of good, union jobs to our city through legislation like the Build Public Renewables Act.

Assembly District 65

Assembly District 65 is home to some of the last working-class communities in Manhattan. It represents Lower Manhattan, Chinatown, the Lower East Side, Two Bridges, and the Financial District.


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