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healthcare is a human right. Period.

Healthcare is a human right. In New York, healthcare should be available to all – regardless of income, immigration status, or ability to pay. Our for-profit healthcare system has led to skyrocketing medical debt, preventable deaths, and runaway prescription drug prices. This must end. Everyone should have access to free, quality, comprehensive, and affirming care. Universal healthcare coverage must include mental, dental, vision, and long-term care. 

Not only does every New Yorker deserve full access to healthcare, frontline workers need full protection. Health workers continue to be the heroes keeping our city alive. Yet they have not been fairly compensated with essential pay and benefits. I will fight to get our care workers fair compensation and dignified conditions.


the climate crisis is here.

The climate crisis is here, and our working class and immigrant neighborhoods are being disproportionately harmed.  Here in Lower Manhattan, all of us can see that each passing season brings more extreme weather and more devastating floods . Meanwhile, our utility bills skyrocket.

We must act now. I will fight to end our dependence on the fossil fuels that pollute our communities and homes. We should make Con Ed a public utility, which will reduce our bills and help transition to renewable energy. And we need to make our neighborhoods resilient to floods and other effects of climate change. We can do all this and create 50,000 quality jobs in the energy sector.

public safety

everyone deserves to feel safe.

We know that community stability and well-being are the best ways to promote safety. States that invest in their social safety net have improved health and decreased violence in their communities. Throwing tens of billions of dollars into police and prisons hasn’t made us safer.

I’ll fight to invest in what really keeps us safe: housing for all, free and accessible health care and mental health care, free high-quality education, and cleaner neighborhoods.


working-class people keep our city running.

New York is a union town, but many workers suffer from poor working conditions, wages that do not support the soaring cost of living, and inadequate protections from workplace harassment.

While many politicians commonly refer to the working class as essential, they continue to legislate in favor of the same companies that exploit the working class. That’s why our campaign doesn’t accept any money from corporations or corporate PACs. I will fight for labor standards that enable working class people to live dignified lives. And I’ll always stand with striking workers.


the mta is an essential service. let’s treat it like one.

The MTA is an essential service millions of New Yorkers rely on every single day. From the subways to the buses to commuter rails and Access-a-Ride, our public transportation system forms the lifeblood of the state.

Working people rely on public transportation. It’s time to resolve the MTA’s debt crisis and fund transit like the essential service it is. We can also transition buses and subways to electric energy to reduce harmful air pollution.


queer and trans liberation now!

The Lower East Side is a historic home for LGBTQ activism and culture. As an openly gay and nonbinary person, I am deeply committed to fighting for legal equality for my community, as well as fighting for policies that will improve the material conditions of LGBTQ people.