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We must continue the fight for gender equality.

We need feminists in office now more than ever. With abortion rights under attack, the gender wage gap still prominent, and gender-based violence as present as ever, this is not the time to shrink away from the work of gender equality. This is why I am committed to fighting for gender equality not just in my own office but across the state of New York.

I will fight to protect everyone’s bodily autonomy. I believe that everyone deserves free abortion on demand without apology. I will fight for better childcare protections and for those who provide this crucial care. And I will do everything in my power to foster an environment in my office and in every space I enter, where women are heard, believed, uplifted, and adequately compensated for their work.

Abortion and Bodily Autonomy

If elected I will fight for a future where free abortion is available on demand, and without apology. 

The right to an abortion is enshrined in New York State law. But especially as we prepare for a post-Roe United States, legality is not enough. The unexpected costs of the procedure itself, travel, and childcare on top lost wages from taking time off work can make abortion prohibitively expensive for working-class people. When abortion is restricted or banned, it is working class people of color, young people, disabled people, undocumented people, and queer and trans people who are most impacted. We must pass the New York Health Act so that every New Yorker has access to free, universal healthcare that includes abortion. Until that law is passed and fully implemented, we must take action to ensure abortion is truly accessible for all in NY. All private insurance plans in New York that cover maternity care must also be required to cover abortion. 

Given the attacks against both trans and reproductive rights across the country, it is vital that New York State takes measures to be a refuge for people traveling from other states with dangerous restrictions on bodily autonomy. That’s why I support the FIRE HATE Act, which would protect people who travel to New York from out of state to seek medical care from legal action by their home state. This would further protect people who come to New York for an abortion or for gender affirming medical care. Additionally, I support establishing a state abortion access fund, as well as creating the state reproductive freedom and equity program, which would provide funding to abortion providers and non-profit organizations whose primary function is to facilitate access to abortion care. This will help ensure New York can meet the needs of all abortion seekers with the added influx of those from other states.

We must also protect legal abortion providers in New York state from legal action by prohibiting law enforcement cooperation with out-of-state investigations, prohibiting New York courts from issuing subpoenas relating to such investigations, and protecting abortion providers in New York from extradition. I will also eliminate or amend any law meant to criminalize those who self-manage their abortions.

Universal Childcare & Care Work Protections

Childcare and care work are essential parts of any thriving community and yet they so often go underfunded and unacknowledged. Childrearing, in addition to other unpaid but necessary forms of labor in the home, disproportionately falls on women. Our economy relies on the dramatically underpaid labor of working-class women, disproportionately Black women, women of color, and immigrant women, who often struggle the most to afford childcare. New York state needs to implement true universal childcare, with no means testing and that is open to everyone regardless of immigration status. This is why I support passing the Universal Childcare Act which would set New York on a clear path to building a universal childcare system. 

I will also fight to pass the Children and Families Reinvestment Act which will infuse funds to chronically underfunded support programs and fund new innovative approaches to child well being. I will work to broaden access to child care assistance by raising eligibility to 85% of the state median income. I will also fight to expand access to childcare through social service districts to help low-income, homeless, and other families on public assistance who are working part time, have rotating schedules, or who are participating in educational and vocational activities (and their children) benefit from child care support. 

We must also ensure better wages and protections for childcare providers, domestic workers, and other care workers. These workers provide vital care to our communities, yet often are under-compensated, under-protected, and forced to live in or near poverty. I will fight for better labor and human rights protections for childcare workers, domestic workers, and all care workers. I will fight for Fair Pay for Home Care in our state budget, and will work to pass Paid Personal Time which would expand access to personal time for one million New Yorkers including domestic workers. I support organizing efforts to set up retirement programs for domestic workers and care providers regardless of immigration status, and will fight to implement policies that will protect domestic workers, childcare providers, and all other care workers from unjust termination and work conditions. Care providers are integral to our community well being, and I will fight to ensure they receive the dignity, respect, and protections they deserve.

preventing gender-based violence

1 in 3 women will face sexaul assault in their lifetimes and 1 in 5 will experience rape. New York is no exception to these numbers and we must act. The carceral system does not prevent or protect us from these crimes. 

We need comprehensive investment in sex education for all K-12 students in publicly funded New York Schools. Currently, New York has no statewide requirement for sex education. Domestic violence and intimate partner violence start young. One of the best things we can do for our youth is give them the information tools they need to make safe, informed, consensual decisions.

So often survivors are denied opportunities to seek justice. I support the Adult Survivors Act, which would establish a one-year lookback period for people who were sexually abused as adults to pursue civil action against their abusers. If elected I will do all that I can to find and support better decarceral pathways to justice for survivors of sexual and gender based violence. 

Sex workers are also at increased risk of violence. The current system of criminalizing sex work forces sex workers underground, leaving them vulnerable to police violence and pushing them into more dangerous working conditions. Sex workers are disproportionately LGBTQ, people of color, and immigrants. Criminalizing consensual sex work contributes to over-policing of marginalized communities. That’s why I support the Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act, which would fully decriminalize the trade of sex between consenting adults.

Ending Workplace Discrimination & Sexual Harassment

While New York has taken steps toward strengthening our sexual harassment laws in recent years, we cannot stop now. I support protecting claimants from paying damages for violating nondisclosure agreements in sexual harassment or other discrimination claims.

New York State must also expand its protections against workplace discrimination. Women are disproportionately underpaid and underprotected at work. And even women in higher paying jobs often make less than their male counterparts. That’s why I support the Equality Amendment, which would change the state constitution to ban discrimination based on pregnancy, pregnancy outcome, gender identity, gender expression, race, and sexuality.